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    Welcome to Dentofacia
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Welcome to Dentofacia

Who We Are

Dentofacia is the perfect symbiosis of all the fields treating the oral cavity and the face resulting in a wholistic result . The spirit of Dentofacia lies in it's tagline " the master's practice " , with all the stress on getting opinions and treatment from doctors who specialize in their own field after rigrous training and patient treatment .

In today's world when authenticity and scientific reasoning to any treatment is the main concern with the patient , Dentofacia gives you authentic consultation backed by scientific studies and patient education .We at Dentofacia believe ,no procedure is small or less detailed , that's why even the basic procedures are done by masters of the field. One major concern today is the antibiotic resistance growing due to abuse of antibiotics , we at Dentofacia believe in minimal antibiotic practice ,which we achieve by strictest sterlization and disinfection protocols. We sincerely believe in informing the patient about every aspect of the treatment ,it may be the benefits and also the complications associated ,and all the procedures are done with total written consent of the patient after complete education and awareness of the patient, so that we can have patients one thing that everyone wants but only few can have , "trust".

Our Advantages

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Specialized Practice

Dentofacia is the perfect symbiosis of all the fields treating the oral cavity and the face with all the emphasis on getting opinions and treatment from doctors who specialize in their own field after rigorous training and patient treatment.

Strict Sterlization Protocols

At Dentofacia we believe that patients can be prevented from most of the post procedure infections by strict sterilization and thus the motto prevention is better than cure comes true at Dentofacia.

Mininmal Antibiotic Practice

Due to the strict sterilization practice in office we maintain a minimal antibiotic regimen post any procedure thus preventing antibiotic resistance which in itself is a menace of our time.

Complete Transperancy

Dentofacia is based on the concept of patient treatment by patient education and awareness , we have achieved this by making available complete online access of patient record to the patient and information regarding any procedure and finally an informed consent before the procedure .

Latest Technology

Today having just good skill does not give the desired results to the patient , it is empirical to have the best and latest technology to achieve precision and predictable result. From digital xray to centrifuge , from amalgamator to ot lights , attention has been paid to all minute as well as major detail to make it more automated and internationally accepted .


Our Doctor


Dr. Sanjog Singh MDS

Master's in Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon

Dr. Sanjog Singh has been working in the field of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery for over 4 years. He is trained in facial aesthetic surgery such as rhinoplasty(nose job), lip correction, chin correction, hair transplants from the most reputed Dept. of Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery , Nair Hospital , Mumbai where he has worked for more than one year .

He is proficiently trained in soft tissue and hard tissue bone surgeries of oral cavity for implant placement by Dr. Cho (South Korea). He has the distinction of being amongst very few surgeons in Mumbai and India who are trained to place zygomatic implants .

Facial Trauma repair and reconstruction are his special interest which he has pursued from his residency period. He is well known for his sincerity , hardwork and work ethics amongst his peers


Dr. Sonal Naidu MDS

Master's in Pedodontics & Preventive Dentist

Dr. Sonal Naidu Addal, M.D.S. Pedodontics & Preventive Dentistry, has been an earnest practitioner of Pediatric dentistry for five years. She received her gold medal in Masters degree in Pediatric Dentistry from the Devi Ahilya Bai University, Mumbai in 2013. She has worked as an Assistant Professor in Bharati Vidyapeeth Dental College, Kharghar for an year. Over the years, Dr. Sonal’s passion and commitment to treating children has ensured that several children have successfully received quality dental care at various centres where she worked as a freelancer. She takes a special interest in treating children who are differently abled and with special needs. With her kid-oriented style and fun personality, she gets children excited about their dental care, helping them develop healthy habits that will last for lifetime. Most importantly, she takes the time to get to know each child personally, communicating with parents and children to create a lifetime of great smiles.


Dr. Anushka Agarwal MDS

Master's in Endodontics & Conservative Dentistry

Dr. Anushka Agrawal is a young and ambitious doctor from Andheri , specialising in the field of Endodontics (root canal treatment ) and conservative dentistry . She has completed her specialisation from the most reputed Government Dental College, Nagpur . She has been working with most of the renowned dentists in Mumbai and has been appreciated by one and all . She has also worked as faculty in dept of conservative dentistry in the prestigious Government Dental College , Nagpur .

She compliments this team at Dentofacia with her focus on specialisation and skillful work .


Dr. Amit Suroshe MDS

Master's in Periodontics

Dr. Amit has finished his Masters in Periodontology from VSPM’S DCRC, Nagpur affiliated with MUHS, Nashik with over 4 years of experience in Periodontology and Implant Dentistry, his comprehensive expertise allows him to complete patient care with the greatest success. He's very proficient in Deep scaling, Flap Surgeries, gum curettage, gum depigmentation and implants, with special emphasis on aesthetic concerns related to gums.

He was also affiliated with quiet a few reputed clinics.We are very confident that his contributions would be a valuable asset in maintaining all including small and major cases in Dentofacia.


Dr. Keyur Mehta MDS

Master's in Dentofacial Orthopedics

Dr. Keyur is one of the brightest and upcoming orthodontist in Mumbai . He has done his specialization in Dentofacia Orthopedics from one of the best post graduate institutes in the country i.e PGI Chandigarh . He's certified to provide clear aligners which is the most recent and patient friendly alignment technique practised by very few in the city . He is also trained to provide INVISALIGN ,the most advance technique in braces today plus trained in different alignment techniques helping provide different patients with different needs .

He also add that extra component of planning for jaw surgeries for facial skeletal changes for functional and aesthetic betterment of the patient . He is a key player in the DENTOFACIA practice with his skills and knowledge .


Dr. Vikas Bajaj

Master's in Prosthodontics

Dr. Vikas is a radiant Prosthodontist whose finished his Masters in Prosthodontics from the ace Nair Dental College, Mumbai. He’s got brilliant hands with all the crowns and prosthesis, with marked interest in full mouth rehabilitations.

His extremely warm and gentle temperament helps him deal with young aged people to old aged patients with great ease. He’s done a major thesis on patient satisfaction and their psychology in relation to prosthesis which gives him an edge over the lot. He’s worked with many senior Prosthodontists of Mumbai.

He plays a key role in our team.


Dr. Kuhu Majumdar

Master's in Oral Medicine & Radiology

Dr. Kuhu is a consulting oral diagnostian and radiologist , specialising in the field of diagnosis of different oral diseases and lesions .She has completed her specialisation from the most famous M.S.Ramiah Dental College ,Bangalore . She has several publications to her credit and has a very scientific approach to every clinical case.

She also has the distinction of using Botox to treat orafacial pain , expanding the horizon of treatment by Botox to a whole new level .

She has been working as Consultant with a very renowned diagnostic brand in Mumbai and is well respected as an Maxillofacial Radiologist . She has several lectures to her name is famous for her clinical knowledge and treatment planning.

She adds a scientific perspective to the Dentofacia practice .


Dr. Arunesh Gupta

Master's in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

Dr. Arunesh Gupta is committed to providing quality treatment for his patients from their head to toe cosmetic problems. He trained in Plastic, Reconstructive and Cosmetic Surgery in India and U.S.A.

While training in U.S.A., he got exposed to the cutting edge technology & the finer aspects of cosmetic surgery. This collaboration with world renowned cosmetic surgeons helped him become more experienced in various techniques of cosmetic surgery and their long term results. He also had a unique opportunity to work with a group of distinguished Occuloplastic surgeons which helped him gain a wider perspective on surgery of eye lids & the surrounding area. Dr. Gupta has been actively involved with the lab research and clinical application of Stem cells therapy in Aesthetic Surgery.

Dr. Gupta has published extensively in Plastic Surgery Journals, written book chapters, and has presented his work nationally and internationally at Plastic Surgery scientific meetings. He is also actively involved in organizing continuing medical education and workshops for the benefit of other doctors and medical students.


Dr. Gagan Raina

Master's in Laser & Cosmetic Surgery

Dr. Gagan is a very special addition to the Dentofacia team ,with a distinction of Dental background and specialisation in Medical Lasers from University of Genova (Italy ) after which she has pursued and specialised diploma in Medical Comestology from Germany .

The latest feather to her bag of achievement her fellowship in aestheti medicine from American Associatio of Aesthetic Medicine .She has worked with the biggest names and brands in mumbai in the field of aesthetics and has created a well carved place for her in the field of aesthetics , Botox ,mesotherapy and laser treatment .