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Dentofacia is the Best dental clinic in Andheri. We are known as the perfect symbiosis of all the fields treating the oral cavity and the face resulting in a holistic result. The spirit of Dentofacia lies in its tagline "the master's practice", with all the stress on getting opinions and treatment from doctors who specialize in their own field after going through rigorous training and patient treatment.

Dentofacia gives you authentic consultation backed by scientific studies and patient education. In today's world when authenticity and scientific reasoning to any treatment is the main concern with the patient, we offer you the best treatment. The basic procedures are done by masters of the field as we believe, no procedure is small or less detailed. As we are best dental clinic in Andheri, Mumbai, we believe in providing the best treatment to our patients with almost caution because that smile matters a lot to us. We also believe that our real awards are our patients smile and we are not here to earn awards and rewards.

One of the reasons we have earned the name as best dental clinic in Andheri because we are practicing dentistry for a long time very ethically and nicely. We at Dentofacia believe in minimal antibiotic practice, one of the major concern today is the antibiotic resistance growing due to abuse of antibiotics, which we achieve by strictest sterilization and disinfection protocols.

Here at Dentofacia, all the procedures are done with total written consent of the patient after complete education and awareness of the patient. We sincerely believe in informing the patient about every aspect of the treatment, it may be the benefits and also the complications associated so that we can have patients one thing that everyone wants but only few can have, "trust".

Get in touch with us now if you’re suffering from oral problems and need someone to consult you or treat you with the most effective treatment. Being Best dental clinic in Andheri, we are having the highly skilled dentists in our team.

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Best Dental Clinic in Andheri
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