Ceramic crowns and bridges in Andheri

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Ceramic crowns and bridges

Dentofacia is a team of talented and hardworking dentist serving best of our knowledge and contributing society for offering service of ceramic crowns and bridges in Andheri. These crowns and bridges fix the prosthetic devices and are used to fix the damage tooth/teeth of the patient. The tooth bridge can only be removed by a dentist and are cemented on the existing teeth.

To maintain the basic hygiene of the oral health the crown treatment is used. Basically, a crown is a cap to a damaged tooth or entirely covered. To improve the appearance, shape, alignment, and structure the crown is used. A redefine touch is given to your teeth by the teeth. With the color of the original teeth, the Porcelain or ceramic crowns can be matched. These crowns are very strong and attractive and are made up of alloy, acrylic and ceramic are generally metallic gold and silver in color. These ceramic crowns and bridges are more strong to cover black teeth.

The dental crown is needed in order to hold the bridges in place also to make a cosmetic modification.

Dental Bridges are used whenever there is a tooth missing with teeth present adjacent to this space or to cover one or more missing teeth in order to prevent other teeth from moving or replacing. Dental Bridge takes support from adjacent teeth to replace the missing tooth. Avoiding the treatment of Dental bridges can lead to impact your bite negatively, resulting in TMD.

In other way, dentists decrease the size of the teeth needing Dental caps, Bridges, and Crowns and take an impression, which is sent to a test in a dental lab. For the moment, a temporary cap, crown or bridge is used until the permanent crown is set up.

At Dentofacia, we ensure that our service meets the highest quality standards. We advise ceramic crowns and bridges in Andheri to cover an implant, protect a weak tooth, restore a fractured tooth or poorly shaped tooth, attach a bridge or to cover a root canal.

One needs to take care of their crowns and bridges as theses crowns and bridges need to be lifelong. They might get loosen or fall out sometimes because of not taking care of properly.

Hence, it’s very important to clean your mouth on a regular interview and brush your teeth twice a day.

If you want to know more about Ceramic crowns and bridges, get in touch with us because we offer the best treatment of Ceramic crowns and bridges in Andheri.