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Dentists for kids

Dentofacia is the well-known clinic for proposing one of the best Dentists for kids in Andheri. The children should start getting regular dental checkups at a very early age. Their mouth will stay healthy throughout their lives if they follow to get regular dental checkups from their pediatric. Regular and frequent check-ups is very healthy for their oral health. In preventing cavities and tooth decay, which can lead to pain, trouble in concentrating the checkups at an early age helps a lot. It also helps to avoid other medical issues caused due to oral health issues.

As we hold the team of talented team of dentists for kids in Andheri,we follow the best pediatric practices for our small patients. These days tooth decay has become the most common disease found in kids. The tooth decay is chronical in nature. The diseases control and Prevention (CDC) reports and various centers show that more than 40 percent of children have decay mostly in junior or senior KG, basically a very young age.

With our years of experience in the field of the pediatric world, we have now learned to manage even the most uncooperative children with ease. We are very efficient in our work and work with all the latest dental materials and equipment's to ensure that our little patients are always smiling.

According to us, every child visits a dentist by the age of one or as soon as the first tooth appears. When the child comes with the problem we make sure that we teach parents and caretaker to take care of the baby and help them to remain cavity free. Being recognized as one of the topmost dentists for kids in Andheri, Mumbai we handle every kid with gentleness and leave them smiling.

Under the care of our renowned doctors & the comforts of our sophisticated well-planned setup, we assure your kid a pleasurable experience. We not only treat oral problems but also show you how to prevent and take care of your child’s teeth for their good future health. Lastly, as we are one of the best dentists for kids in Andheri, we have experience in dealing with frightened children and can help your child feel at ease and comfortable at the dental appointment.